Please pick 2 questions and write a 1 paragraph answer for each.

  • Should we be researching the causes or treatments of such environmental concerns as large jellyfish “blooms?”
  • Can research that offers any new understanding of animals, plants, and microorganisms ultimately help in their conservation and in their control, if they are pests or invasive?
  • Do we always know how research results will be applied in the future (e.g., an understanding the nutrient needs of jellies)? Here are two examples of articles, one on determining what jellies eatopens in a new window in the wild and a fascinating look at sleepopens in a new window patterns.
  • Check out this article using some jellies as indicatorsopens in a new window of environmental pollution, a fascinating article about how jellyfish moveopens in a new window, and one on jellyfish toxicityopens in a new window.


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