Library research paper minimum 2 pages please include a minimum of 2 references in APA format

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Library Research PaperYou have decided to open a home for dual-diagnosed clients who have graduated from a residential treatment facility and are in need of housing. You want to be able to support their recovery and prevent relapse in a safe environment for approximately 1 year per resident.
Use the library, course materials, and Web resources to research the treatment needs of the population you want to serve in your home.Write a proposal of 2–3 pages that provides a viable plan to serve the clients’ needs using scientifically supported models of treatment.
Explain how the home will meet the needs of your clients.Describe the type of clients who are dually diagnosed (drugs of choice and type of mental illness).Are your clients adults or adolescents (age)?Are your clients males or females (gender)?
Assignment Guidelines:
Title (first page)Abstract (second page)Content (2–3 pages)Conclusion (last page)References (final page/s)
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