make a powerpoint topic the history of korean immigration to america

  • Your presentation should include 7-15 PowerPoint slides. Tables from American Fact Finder or IPUMS are required.
  • Your presentation should include the following sections:
    • Introduction: In this section you want to inform your audience of all the relevant background information of your research project.
    • Literature Review: In this section you would want to list the author(s) and a brief statement about what you gleaned from their work and how it helps aid your research.
    • Research Question: This should be the question that your paper’s findings try to answer. It should also be the same topic with with your research statement from your proposal.
    • Methodology: In this section you should share with your audience how you went about collecting and analyzing your data (American Fact Finder or IPUMS data, and your first-hand data).
    • Findings: In this section you want to clearly organize and display your data and findings. This is where graphs, tables and images are most helpful. Remember, let the data do the talking in this section. You should just explain the graphs, charts and images that you are presenting to your audience. Do your best to display your data in the most clear, concise way possible.
    • Conclusion: This section is a concise summary of your main findings. Ideally you should be able to state the answer to your research question that you initially posed in the beginning. This is also where you will discuss how your findings can be helpful for the general public, as well as the limitation of your project.
  • Don’t include too many words on slides. You need to illustrate the findings instead of letting the audience read the slides.



Has a clear opening statement that catches audience’s interest; maintains focus throughout; summarizes main points


Demonstrates substance and depth; is comprehensive; shows mastery of material

Quality of conclusion

Delivers a conclusion that is well documented and persuasive


Has natural delivery; modulates voice; articulate; projects enthusiasm, interest, and confidence; uses body language effectively

Use of media

Uses slides effortlessly to enhance presentation; has an effective presentation without media

Note: You don’t need to do the part about speech, just work on powerpoint. I upload two sample ppts below.


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