Managed care, management homework help

Directions: After you complete the readings, complete this assignment.
You, as a healthcare provider, are counseling and assisting a middle class family of five to find affordable healthcare coverage. This requires you to research the various managed care offering by various managed care insurance companies to find the best coverage at the most affordable cost.
The family dynamics are:

Father works in a small factory making $56,000.00 annually
Mother is a homemaker
Children: 2 girls (11 and 9 years old) basic healthy: 1 boy, 6 years old, with Asthma

Research (ACA) options of HMO, PPO, PPS, etc. and recommend to this family which one would provide the best coverage at a cost they can afford.
Some tips on getting started:1. Access the website of a major insurance provider in your state (ex: Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna etc.) and research insurance options, OR2. Access websites that provide quotes from multiple health insurance providers:
Here you can use the quote tools to isolate possible options for the family. These are just a few of the insurance websites available.
You can use a search engine to type in “insurance quotes” , “low cost health insurance”, “health insurance for families” etc. to find a number of options, OR
3. Contact a local agent in your area that writes health insurance policies for a major insurance company and set up an interview.

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