What leadership positions would be a part of your strategic management team?For this assignment, using the situation given below, apply the S.W.O.T. Situational Planning Strategy which was described in Chapters 4 and 7 of your course text:
April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021


Your group was selected to provide consultation services to the Office of President at State University for the next one year, what are some of the innovative business ideas/suggestions that you would recommend to The President of BSU, in taking the University to the next competitive level using the Four management functions of planning, influencing, controlling and organizing.

Business ideas/suggestion are:

Parking – Tickets

cafe (more food trucks)

Housing (heating/ air condition)

Emergency button.

security (anyone can come on campus anytime).


Standard Document Formatting Guidelines

As a rule, documents should be professionally type written (this means spell-checked and grammar-checked) and printed. Pages must be stapled together at the top left corner of the pages. They may NOT be turned in within a folder.

Margins– 1-1.5″ on all sides

Font type and size– dark, clear, readable, 12-pt. font

Pagination – numbered consecutively in top right corner beginning with first page

Title page – The title of your report must be centered within the title page. Directly under the title, you will place your names, and directly under that, you must place the date. (1 page)

Executive summary – After your title page, you will include an executive summary. This is a brief synopsis of the material found in your report. The summary should not extend beyond one page, but in that one page, the reader must get an idea of the substance of the report. (1 page)

Headings– They should be 4 subheadings (see below for breakdown of each subheadings)

  • Company profile (4 pages)
  • Industry environment (effect on industry environment) (5-page)
  • Integrating the four management functional areas (5-page)
  • Your personal evaluation of BSU (4-page limitation)
  • Company Profile – What is the mission of BSU?
    • Define and assess the organization’s strategy and culture.
    • Note the formal structure (organizational charts); also, what informal entities exist?
    • Describe the decision-making process.
    • How does BSU manage change?
    • Who are the organization’s heroes?
    • Describe the internal environment.
    • Assess the effectiveness of the organizational communications.
  • Industry Environment – Describe BSU in the external environment
    • Identify its customers and/or constituents; and its competitors.
    • Use the SWOT analysis approach to identify BSU current state and future state
  • Your personal evaluation of BSU – Recommend any innovative ideas/suggestions for BSU
    • What role(s) will faculty play?
    • What role(s) will students play?
    • What role(s) will employees play?
    • What role(s) will technology play?
  • Integrating the four management functional areas – Comment on the four management functions of planning, influencing, controlling and organizing
    • Recommend how the four-management functions can impact your overall strategy.
    • What role(s) do information systems play within the four management functions

Line spacing– Within each paragraph, text must be single-spaced. Between paragraphs, there must be a double space. This means that line-spacing in your document will be like line-spacing within this writing guide.

Content information– Within the body of your report, you will refer to concepts discussed in class. It is NOT enough to simply use terms correctly. You must demonstrate that you know the meaning of each term, and this is accomplished by defining the term within the text. For example, “As Robbins and Coulter (2005) note, the control process is intended to enable us to monitor activities to ensure that they are being accomplished as planned. It also provides us the opportunity to correct any significant deviations from the plan.”

Works cited– The last page of your document will be a works cited page. It will be labeled as such. For this section, the works cited label will be centered at the top of the last page, and entries will be single-spaced within and double-spaced between. You must list the source of all information used. You have to use APA writing form.If you are unfamiliar with these, you can find help in the Writing Center.


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