Nursing;DF – Community Nursing Diagnosis
March 24, 2019
Nursing;Primary Care Women’s Health
March 24, 2019

Management; authentic leadership challenge (self-reflection)
1800-1900 words (references included)
SMART goals: Develop 2 SMART goals
for yourself over the next 5 weeks, that are each linked to one of your values that you would like to develop/strengthen. List each SMART goal (200 words).
One SMART goal must relate to influencing /or working with another person or people (i.e., should be a social situation)
Links to values: Briefly explain how each of your SMART goals link to one or more of your values (i.e., a personal value that you would like to strengthen), and/or a crucible moment from your life (200 words).
Achieving SMART goals: What efforts have you made and what challenges have you encountered in achieving your SMART goals over the past 5 weeks (300 words)
Application of theory: Identify TWO theories of leadership that help to explain your successes and / or failures in achieving your values-based SMART goals (use a minimum of
4 academic references in total for this section, excluding the textbook) (500 words)
Limitations of theory: What are the limitations of the theories you have discussed in the previous section, in terms of their ability to inform or explain your success/failures in achieving your SMART goals? (use a minimum of 2 additional academic references in total for this section, excluding the textbook) (300 words) (critical thinking is required)

6) Personal learnings for the future: What you have learned about yourself from doing this exercise? (300 words).

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