Develop: Understanding of APA Formatting Conventions
December 17, 2020
U4A1 case study
December 17, 2020

Research project no more than 10 – 13 pages.
Main Topic: Management of Teen Pregnancy with autism.
Directions: Justification:
1- Hypothesis to be verified2- Why is interesting or necessary realize this study (having
objectives and questions about the topic).3- Relevant information related to the topic and methodology
used In the study.4- No less than 15 references and recommendations
5- Utility of results obtained from the study (importance).
– if there is any importance of the study please describe the risks for the participants and control systems used.– Type if Design used: ex: Observational, random etc (explain)
– Description of the treatments or interventions used in the study.– Criteria of inclusion and exclusion of the participants in the study.
– Which are the measures variables of the participants (primary, being principal objectives), and secondary.– Sizes of the groups projected and justification used in the study.– Centers intended to be used in the study.– Statistics techniques used for design and analysis of the results.


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