Holistic Nursing
April 23, 2018
: general idea about the impact of evidence informed postnatal care on the safety of the mothers in the postnatal period (the impact on mothers only).
April 23, 2018

Many sources exist that are triggers for theory development through the study of concepts and their related propositions. One such trigger is the research process, which, while it answers many questions, generates others based on research outcomes. Identify some possible questions for research study, the answers to which would serve to generate theory.

Choose a theory that finds practical application in critical care nursing and discuss the origins of the theory based on the following criteria:

How did the happenings of the nursing profession impact the origin of this theory?
What values, evidence, or existing knowledge did the theorist cite to support the theory?
What was the theorist’s motivation behind writing the theory?

There are many theories that could be applied to these specialties. For example, Betty Neuman’s Systems Model (Butts & Rich, 2011, p. 429-430) has been widely used to guide nursing care in many practice settings.

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