Public personnel case study 1
April 5, 2021
Explain which employees could make best use of wireless connections and explain how..Wireless Network Design ProjectSpring 2017I.
April 5, 2021

 Students will be assigned to small groups by the end of Week 2. Group discussion areas will be provided to facilitate interaction among group members. Along with their group, students will develop a marketing plan for a small business (either real or fictional). In Week 3, each group will submit a brief introduction (1-2 pages) for their chosen business for instructor approval. The introduction is worth 20 points. The final marketing plan, due in Week 7, is worth 180 points and should include the following sections:
1. Cover Page
2. Executive Summary
3. Target Customers
4. Unique Selling Proposition
5. Pricing and Positioning Strategy
6. Distribution Strategy
7. Promotions Strategy
8. Contingency Plans
The expected length for this assignment is 12-15 pages. APA methodology applies to this assignment.
Attached is week 3 business plan. Need to cover Pricing and Positioning Strategy topic for my part need atleast 1.5 pages with references.


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