The Gap between Nursing Education and Clinical Skills, Are New Graduate Nurses Ready for the Workplace?”
April 23, 2018
Lebanese Arabic Cultural Competence Report in relation to Nursing
April 23, 2018

This assignment is to be a maximum length of 2000 words (+ or – 10%).

This assessment task requires you to be able to relate the ‘theory’ covered in this course to your practice. To clearly ground your discussion in clinical practice, prepare a brief overview of a ‘case study’ from your clinical practice.

NB: If you are not currently working in a community setting, choose a ‘case study’ from your clinical practice (e.g. a person you have worked with during their admission to an inpatient unit, who was then discharged to care in the community).

Identify a model of care that you would use in your work with this person. Provide a brief critique of the evidence base for this model and discuss the model of care in relation to a recovery model of care.
Describe how you would implement this model of care
Identify potential barriers/impediments to effectiveness, including:
o Service factors that may interfere with care delivery

o Clinician behaviours, attitudes, assumptions and judgments

o A potential ethical or moral dilemma associated with implementing community based mental health care delivery within a recovery framework

Critique options for effectively addressing the barriers/impediments you have identified
Include in your discussion the collaborative processes by which you would engage the person and the additional services (e.g. NGO resources, Commonwealth funded programs, carer and family supports, consumer support groups) relevant to the needs of the


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