June 7, 2020
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June 7, 2020

Decide the grade level for which you will create your Curriculum Project (choose the grade you teach now or
hope to teach in the future). Review the state standards for your grade level in English, Mathematics, Science,
Social Science, Fine Arts, Health and PE.
Configure a horizontal map (scope and sequence) that displays “when” and “how long” certain standards
(content or skills) will be taught. Create horizontal mapping for 18 weeks (half of the school year or 90 days).
Do not include holidays or other school calendar events.
Standards do not have to be taught in order but skills that build on one another should be taught in correct
chronological order (for example, you would teach the math standard that addresses addition and subtraction
computation before teaching the standard that addresses calculating elapsed time).
Give examples of interdisciplinary integration–show how the various content areas relate to each other. For
• If you are teaching grids and how to plot points in math, you could teach map skills (using longitude and
latitude) in Social Science.
• If you are teaching poetry in English / Language Arts class, you could introduce your history lesson with a
poem such as “O Captain, My Captain” by Walt Whitman (an homage to Abraham Lincoln after his
assassination following the Civil War).

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