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June 9, 2021
Int HR Unit VI
June 9, 2021

Q1- Critically analyze why newspapers and not TV is number one media platform in KSA in terms of attracting ad-spend? (500 words max)

Q2- Elaborate on the challenges of audience measurement, taking ideas and theories discussed in the class? (500 words max)
Q3- Determine for each of the following brands how they should schedule in TV advertising Continuity, Pulsing Flighting. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for each choice. (500 words max)

*Your local car dealership

Q4- Explain how Reach and frequency are inversely related. Should one take precedence over the other? (500 words max)

For Q5 & Q6 Answer either one of the questions.

both questions in the file if i post it here it wont be clear because there is a schedual.


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