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April 4, 2021
Case Study 6: The Transparent Society ((FOR NYAMAIMULE ONLY))
April 4, 2021

Ch 12 Corporate Culture and Leadership      
Media Research – “Tell me something I don’t know” article that might affect the attractiveness of that market
Select an article from any media source that might affect business – using Ch 12 Corporate Culture and Leadership concepts   
Use 2 L.O.s from Ch 12 to analyze the company’s management (each L.O. should have 3 examples at 100 words per example).
Apply the concepts toward your final paper.
  ch 12 Corporate Culture and Leadership
ch 12 Corporate Culture and LeadershipAttached Files:
1. The key features of a company’s corporate culture and the role of a company’s core values and ethical standards in building corporate culture2. How and why a company’s culture can aid the drive for proficient strategy execution3. The kinds of actions management can take to change a problem corporate culture4. What constitutes effective managerial leadership in achieving superior strategy execution 
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