miscellaneous hipaa samhsa medicare blue button

My topic is Miscellaneous (HIPAA,SAMHSA, Medicare Blue Button) i want a 3000 word paper no less talking about that and 1000 world summery

Individual/Team Project – Government Influence
Each student will be assigned to a team to work on a project collaboratively. The project will have an individual component and a team component. Each team will write about government interventions that are influencing the behavior of healthcare providers and prepare an argument that will be debated in class.
Student Responsibilities (Each student)

Write paper (minimum 3,000 words) on one of five assigned topics. The paper will describe the topic, summarize its purpose, and outline its HIT impact.
Collaborate with your team to prepare an argument as to whether Government’s role in healthcare is effective or ineffective. The team will write a paper (approximately 1,000 words) to articulate your argument.

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