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January 13, 2021
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January 13, 2021

MKT30016 Marketing Strategy and Planning

Assessment: Portfolio (individual)

Worth: 40%

Word limit:3500 (10% – /+) (excluding references, appendices, table of content charts if any)

Submission: Online through Blackboard by Friday 2ndNov 2018 at midnight (AEST)

_________________________________________________________________________ Assessment overview

The portfolio assessment is an individual assessment piece that is to be undertakenduring the semester. It comprises two (2) tasks:

  1. Three Reviews of News Items – no more than 800 words per review
  2. Reflective Write-Up– 1100 words

Task No 1:You are expected to locate three news items from local, national or international business news media (e.g.,http://www.abc.net.au/news/business/orhttps://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/news) over the course of the semester.

During the semester, you need to keep on developing a portfolio of three (3) news items preferably from different companies regarding a marketing issue. Please note that the news items must be published over the course of the semester.

Addressing the following three questions, write a review of each news item. Each news item review must not be longer than 800 words

  1. What are the marketing issues covered in the news item? Why do you think they have arisen?
  2. Who are the stakeholders? What do you think are the likely reactions by the stakeholders to the situation the company or organisation is finding itself in?
  3. How would you respond to these issues and why? Draw on strategic marketing theory to support your answers.

It is expected that the portfolio will contain a copy of the news items in appendices or an easy to access link. The news item needs to have the full reference presented at the end of the portfolio.

Please note: Your portfolio of news items is not to include any articles posted and discussed in your tutorial group.

Task No 2:Reflective Write-Up
The reflective write-up comprises two sections: Portfolio of News Items (i.e., task 1) reflection

and Marketing Plan reflection.

  1. Portfolio of News Items Reflection (500 words)The portfolio reflection involves students’ reflecting back on their portfolio of news items experience, i.e. the collection and review of three news items over the course of the semester. In this reflection, students need to address what marketing lessons were learnt through this experience. Students will need to use examples to support their reflection.
  2. Marketing Plan Reflection (600 words)The marketing plan reflection involves students’ reflecting back on their marketing plan experience, i.e. working in a team to deliver a strategic marketing plan for a client. In this reflection, students need to use examples and address:

    a) What marketing lessons they learnt through this experience; b) What lessons they learnt from working in a team:

    What worked well? Why?
    What didn’t work so well? Why?
    What will you do as a result of this in your next team encounter? Why?

Help with reflective write-up and the Reflective Write-Up rubric are available on Blackboard (see assignment 3 folder).

_________________________________________________________________________ Portfolio Structure

Your portfolio should have the following structure:

  1. Assignment cover sheet
  2. Title Page
  3. T able of Contents
  4. News item review-News item 1 review -News item 2 review -News item 3 review
  5. Reflective Write-Up
  6. References
  7. Appendices

Marking guide: Portfolio assessment

High Distinction (HD)/80-100 Excellent/exemplary/exceeding high standard Distinction (D)/ 70-79
Very good/ exceeds expectations
Credit (C)/60-69 Good/Well done Pass (P)/ 50-59 Acceptable/Satisfactory/ Proficient Fail (N) /0-49 Poor/unacceptable/Not attempted/requires further development/needs improvement
Outstanding, insightful work. Goes beyond requirements of the task to develop a response, which is thoughtful, reflective, and considers alternative views and makes connections among ideas and information from different sources or from different aspects of the course. Very good work. Purposefully and logically developed. Thoroughly addresses all aspects of the task. Synthesis of details and concepts from various sources or topics shows evidence of sound understanding and thoughtful examination. Good work. Generally clear, accurate and relevant. Adequately addresses all requirements of the task. Demonstrates understanding of course concepts, with evidence of some thoughtful examination and reflection. Development is generally logical, facts generally correct. Tends to focus on one interpretation


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