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December 14, 2020
December 14, 2020

Assignment Content

  1. Purpose of Assignment

    This is the fourth part of the marketing plan. Please make sure you are still working on the same product/service as in the individual assignments of last three weeks.

    This assignment is designed to help students understand the interrelationships between brand strategy and the communication message to the target audience. It is a continuation of the marketing plan.

    Assignment Steps

    Develop a minimum 700-word branding strategy and marketing communication plan in Microsoft® Word. This document should address at least 5 elements of the branding and marketing communication strategy list below. The five elements you select should only come from the options provided below. You may include more than the minimum to provide clarity and coherence to your document. It is strongly recommended to choose 2 or 3 from each of the categories below.

    • Category 1: Branding strategy:
    • Creating a Brand Image
    • Maintaining Brand Image
    • Branding Concerns
    • Positioning & Branding
    • Category 2: Marketing Communication Strategies:
    • Integrated Marketing Communication
    • Advertising Strategy/Objectives
    • Push and Pull
    • Media Strategy (one print, one non-print)
    • Advertising Execution
    • Sales Promotion
    • Direct Marketing
    • Public Relations/Strategies

    You must include a measurement of customer loyalty and retention in your strategy document.

    Note: Charts/graphs/tables do not count toward the word count.

    The plan will be a continuation of your global or multi-regional business you chose in Week 1. This will be incorporated into your overall marketing plan for Week 6.

    Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed references.

    Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

    Submit your assignment.

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