Na3cocl6 hexachlorocolbatate (iii) | Chemistry homework help

Hello,this is an inorganic chemistry paper, it needs to be 5 pages long and it is due by noon tomorrow, by i will need it before that so that i can review it.Focus: preparation, properties, structure and characterization. Attempt should be made to explore th relationship between structure and properties. Applications are optional.
Sources: 3 scientific journal articles (Journal of the American Chemical Society, Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallics, Chemical Reviews, Nature, Science, etc.)
This is what my teacher is looking for;
The paper needs to follow the following format:
Ø  A title, your name, date and paper number
Ø  A short paragraph explaining your selection
Ø  Introduction
Ø  Description of topic complete with data, illustrations and graphs if necessary (NOTE: While you can insert as many graphs, tables and images as you’d like, only the typed words will count toward the required 5 pages)
Ø  Conclusion
Ø  References (use ACS format)
The paper will be graded based on these criteria:
Ø  Following the required format (10 points)
Ø  Scientific content (50 points)
Ø  Appropriate scientific language (20 points)
Ø  Reason for the selection (10 points)
Ø  Proper references, min. 3/paper (10 points)

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