Expanstion Strategy and Establishing Re Order Points
December 14, 2020
Part1- Due Thursday Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Jill is conducting an experiment on the effects of story themes (traditional vs. non-traditional) on memory for story details. S
December 14, 2020

Choose a social or political leader (current or past) to examine through an Adlerian framework of superiority striving and style of life.

Superiority Striving

What might be the motivation behind this leaderâ€s career choice, according to Adlerâ€s theory? What was this personâ€s perceived inferiority or weakness? How did this person obtain his or her high level of superiority striving? For example, Franklin Roosevelt’s bout with polio may have been responsible for some of his motivation.

Style of Life

What was his/her goal and unique style of life that could be used to achieve this goal? What steps did this person take to overcome their perceived inferiority?
Did this leader act out of social interest or for personal gain? What was the long-term outcome of his/her striving?

Birth Order

How would you apply Adlerâ€s theory of birth order to this personality?

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