Accounting; ‘Explain how insights from Behavioural Finance can help to design investment strategies.’
March 30, 2019
Art & architecture; poor image
March 30, 2019

Nursing; Any topic related to nursing in Canada
Step 1. Create a Word document using the columnar template provided. Use point-form (not full sentences) for your text, where appropriate. Type assignment single-spaced with 11-point font. On your title page, in addition to the information requested in the Important Formatting Note (above), also identify your focus of inquiry (the question you would like to find an answer to) and the key words you used in your library search. These key words identify the most important concepts of your inquiry.

Step 2: Conduct a basic search via the George Brown library using your key words and select four scholarly references that you find particularly helpful, interesting or relevant to your research question. At least one of your references must be a book (it can be either an electronic book from the GBC library or a hard copy book). One reference can be an authoritative website. The remaining two should be articles from peer-reviewed journals. At least one of these articles must be an electronic resource with a DOI. (THIS IS IMPORTANT)

Step 3: Critically read your selected references, analyze them and, using the template provided, complete the Evidence Table by inserting summaries of collected evidence in the relevant columns.

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