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May 7, 2018
Historical Development of Nursing Timeline
May 7, 2018

Read the article by Yukl, Mahsud, Hassan, & Prussia (2013), as well as Chapter 7 of Gonzalez-Padron (2015). Complete the Checklist: Ethical Leadership Questionnaire, then answer these following questions from the text:

Which behaviors are the most important for you to trust the ethical leadership of a supervisor, manager, or company executive?
Are there any descriptors in the list that are difficult to observe? How can a company measure the ethical leadership within the organization?
How does personal experience with a leader (e.g., work assignments, disciplinary actions) skew your assessment of his or her ethical leadership? Cite an example based on personal experience.
Gonzalez-Padron, T. (2015). Business ethics and social responsibility for managers Chapter 7: Ethical Leadership


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