Choose two long-term care facilitiesone from nursing facilities assisted living or subacute care and another from adult day care home health care or hospice careon which you would want to base your research work.
May 6, 2018
Executive Summary – Nursing
May 6, 2018

Using the book Edberg M. (2013). Essentials of health culture and diversity. Burlington MA: Jones and Bartlett (THIS TEXT ONLY)!! Please complete the following discussion board questions.
1. Reviewing Chapter 5 let’s consider again the link between ethnomedical (and ethnopsychiatric) systems and moral judgments and stigma. How does this knowlege impact you the RN practicing under the ANA’sCode of Ethics?
2. In the module you are directed to search the article titled: Formulation of a Plan of Care for Culturally Diverse Patients. This gives you added practice at searching the databases specifically.


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