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April 5, 2019
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*What Makes a Team***
Teamwork in healthcare is an essential function.
An effective team requires that the members not only respect diversity, but also place a high value on it. They should also recognize that the team consists of more than just the interdisciplinary members, but the patient and family as well. It is imperative that those working on a team are able to respect differing opinions of others, and be open-minded and willing to listen and learn from the ideas of their cohorts. One must be willing to take new approaches or collaborate to merge two or more approaches to develop a working plan that will result in successful delivery of healthcare and lead to a positive and desired outcome. Without communication, none of this is possible.
Teamwork doesn’t just occur between healthcare workers, but also with the APN, the patient, and the families. Collaborating with those who are directly impacted with the outcome of care will help establish desired goals, barriers, and a plan. Oftentimes, patients have co-morbidities, requiring people from differing specialties. For example, diabetes increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, resulting in the needs for a cardiologist and an endocrinologist. It is important these two specialists are aware of the concerns and plan of the other, so as not to cause any contraindications.
The APN works as one of the leaders of a team and must strive to always maintain an ethical approach and act with integrity. We all have our opinions and are asked “If it were you…”, and with that, we must be sure to not follow our personal feelings or be swayed by feeling of others. Being a team leader means working for the good of the patient, and respecting their values. Having integrity means always being sure to do the right thing. Another way to do this, is to stay current on the latest scientific research and continuing education.
Being an effective communicator is an essential skill to being a functional member of a team. This means being a good listener, and an effective speaker. We must be able to determine the communication skills of others, including their level of education. A great communicator knows how to convey their message to their intended audience, and is aware that not everyone has the same education or cultural experiences, and as such, they may not comprehend the intended message properly. Going along with this, these same people might not be able to express their message effectively, and so, the APN should be able to interpret the intended message by doing things such as fact checking. The APN must also be able to communicate with interdisciplinary team members, to establish rolls, develop a healthcare plan, and build a foundation of mutual trust and respect. According to Leonard, M., Graham, S., & Bonacum, D., failure in communication has been shown to lead to a increase in patient harm, and that having a standardized protocol and tools in place for communication leads to an increase in positive patient outcomes. (2004).

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