Scientific management theory was developed by a theorist called F
September 19, 2019
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September 19, 2019

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One routine in health care that continues to be inefficient is the staffing ratios in Nursing. In Fredrick Taylor’s study of people, tasks, and work behavior, the goal was to improve the efficiency of the work process and labor relations (Dininni, 2017). However one must wonder if he had considered the Nursing profession. The Nurse to patient ratio continues to be inefficient, as evident by the ongoing nurse shortage (including CNA). Even though many institutions are offering heafty sign on bonuses and benifits packages, there still remains a shortage and high turnover rates because of the heavy workloads that don’t allow for safe, quality patient care.  Many staff voice concerns over not having the time devote to alot of the educational needs of patients because they just don’t have the time. An example of participative decision making in our clinic is self scheduling. When staff feel like they control of their schedules they tend to not call in as much because they feel as though they have some kind of control over when to schedule appointments, etc.


Dininni, J (2017). Management Theory of Fredrick Taylor. Retrieved 6/27/2017 from


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