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Operations Management Tool Application Reflection Write-up


Review the tools, concepts, and theories of Operation Management where you discuss which course tools, concepts, and ideas you see as having the greatest relevance and application to your current personal/professional responsibilities, current employment or future employment positions or entrepreneurial aspirations if you plan to be self-employed in a business venture.


Company: Telecommunication Industry (Prepaid and Postpaid Card)

Role: Distribution Manager


Tools in Operation Management (all the contents should include in paper):

  1. Supply Chain Management (Explain supply chain management process in telecommunication company and why supply chain management is important. Explain how supply chain management could help telecommunication company in providing excellence products and services to customer. Explain any improvement that should be done in supply chain management in the company)
  2. Forecasting (Explain why forecasting is important in telecommunication company (forecasting in sales, demand, projection, etc). Explain how forecasting method could help company to get more profit in the future. Usage of the forecasting method, such as simple moving average, linear regression, trends and others)
  3. Project Management (Explain why project management is important in telecommunication company. The usage of project’s organization structure (pure project, functional project, and matrix project). The usage of Gantt Chart, PERT and CPM to control project in telecommunication company. The usage of critical path method in telecommunication company)
  4. Quality Management (Explain why quality management is important in telecommunication company. The usage of Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma in telecommunication company. Explain any improvement that should be done in quality management in the company



  • Paper should at least 2.000 words





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