1) Neurons propagate signals in the form of action potentials that are mediated by: a.- Na + channels regulated by voltage that open in response to membrane depolarization
April 4, 2021
develop a high level Supply Chain Management Plan for a fictional company in a country of my Choice
April 4, 2021

I need an APA one-page, single space, paper on 3 management skills that need improvement. Please see the assignment details below, along with the 3 skills that need improvement, and the assessment results + course materials attached. Must use the course materials to explain and support the paper. The assignment is due Friday. 
Take these assessments and determine at least three management skills that you feel need improvement. Make sure to choose those skills that will best relate to managing the behavior of employees in the future workplace. Once those skills are identified write a one-page explanation (single-spaced), using the class materials to explain why the skills were chosen and how you might improve them for the future.
3 Management Skills that Need Improvement
1. Employee Coaching (Coaching IQ Assessment) 
2. Giving Effective Feedback (Feedback Assessment)
3. Motivating People (Supervision Assessment)