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April 30, 2021
Health Production Questions – The Nursing TermPaper
April 30, 2021

write a 5-page paper addressing the following questions/topics:

  1. What are at least three levels of an organization, regardless of structure?
  2. Compare and contrast, according to Davenport (1993) and Dickenson (2003), the generic levels or types of processes (tasks or routines) within an organization.
  3. According to Davenport and Short (1990), what types of organizational processes work within and across organizational boundaries?
  4. According to Van de Ven and Delbecq (1974), what are the two dimensions that a process (task) may demonstrate?
  5. According to Wijnberg, N.M., Van Den Ende, J., De Wit, O. (2002), what types of decisions are made at the three different levels of the organizations and how does IT enable these decisions (please use figure 1 in this document as a reference for discussion)?
  6. Articulate the importance of the five basic components of a business process (IDEF0) according to business process engineers (why are these needed?); present and defend your opinion on what would happen if anyone is removed.


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