Psyc 221 Personality Theories Discussion Post
June 3, 2021
discuss how it integrates with at least two of the functional areas of HRM
June 3, 2021

I WILL ATTACH STEPS 3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15

For your final business plan you are combining ALL of the work you have completed thus far into one document. Each week you have completed a portion of your plan. Now it is time to put it all together into one final document. This should be in a format that you would submit to a potential investor, partner, bank for a loan.

Reminder: Your final business plan must include all 15 elements as outlined below:

1. Title Page and Table of Contents
2. The Executive Summary
3. Mission and Vision Statements
4. Company History (If you are purchasing an existing business or are looking to expand an existing business)
5. Business and Industry Profile
6. Business Strategy
7. Describe the venture’s product or service
8. Marketing Strategy
9. Location and Layout
10. Competitor Analysis
11. Description of Management Team
12. Plan of Operation
13. Financial Statements
14. Loan or Investment Proposal
15. Conclusion

Step 2: Executive Summary (not to exceed two pages)

  1. Company name, address, phone numbers
  2. Name (s), addresses of key people
  3. Brief description of the business, its products and services, the customer problem they solve, and the company’s competitive advantage.
  4. Brief overview of the market for your product or service
  5. Brief overview of the strategies that will make your company a success
  6. Brief description of the managerial and technical experience of the key players in the company
  7. Brief statement of the financial request and how the money will be used.
  8. Charts or tables of showing financial highlights

Step 8: Marketing Strategy

  1. Target Market
  1. Problem to be solved or benefit to be offered
  2. Demographic Profile
  3. Other significant customer characteristics
  1. Customer Motivation to buy
  2. Market size and trends
  1. How large is the market?
  2. Is it growing or shrinking? How fast?
  1. Sales force, size, and description of team
  2. Advertising and Promotion (media used, costs, frequency, publicity plans)
  3. Pricing
  1. Cost structure (fixed or variable)
  2. Desired image in the market
  3. Comparison against competitors prices
  4. Discounts
  5. Gross profit margin

  1. Distribution strategy (channels, sales techniques)


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