Explain why saturated fats tend to be solids at room temperature, and cis-unsaturated fats tend to be liquids at room temperature.
May 8, 2018
Discuss the conditions pathophysiology and relate to the presenting signs and symptoms.
May 8, 2018

Length: 1500 word limit +/- 10% excluding references
Task: This assessment item has 3 parts:
State the case study that you have chosen including whether the assignment addresses part one or two of the case study.
Identify and briefly describe five or more patient health issues from the case study that nurses will address within their scope of practice. You may include risk for or potential for health issues.
Select the three highest priority patient health issues from the ones that have been described. Provide a brief rationale explaining why these patient health issues should be given priority over the other patient health issues that have been described.
2. Rank the three patient health issues that were selected in part 1 in order of priority. Provide a rationale for the order of the rankings. The rationale must be supported with current literature.
3. Outline the nurses role in addressing the top three priority patient health issues using assessment coordination of care and provision of care. Relate the discussion to regulatory frameworks of nursing and health department policies e.g. NMBA competency standards NSW health policy NSQHA standards etc.
Students need to demonstrate their ability to identify and prioritise patient health issues that nurses can address within their scope of practice and rationalise the order of priority. This will enable students to articulate decisions they will need to make in clinical practice. In addition students will be able to demonstrate their ability to write clearly and succinctly to reflect their understanding.
Accurate referencing using the Harvard style is expected poor referencing will result in loss of marks.
Marks may be deducted if the assessment is not within the word limit.


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