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February 11, 2021
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February 11, 2021

Part One:For the first part of your assignment this week take some time to perusethe “Dance” section of The NewYork Times website. The NewYorkTimes has long been one of the premier publications for dance critics topublish their written reviews, such as the famed Deborah Jowitt andAlastair Macaulay. Choose two reviews from the website and readthem…http://www.nytimes.com/section/arts/dance*There are many different types of articles on dances at this website, so besure the two you choose are actually reviews. The title of the articleshould begin with “Review: …” (for example: “Review: For PennsylvaniaBallet, Transitions Onstage and Off”)Module10AssignmentPart Two:While reading, think about how these critics are writing about the dances. What is theirstyle, and what kind of tone or language are they using? For the second part of thisassignment create a discussion post to answer the following questions about each review:?Summarize the dance review: Who wrote it? What is the title of the piece they reviewed? Whochoreographed it? Who performed it??What elements of the performance do they focus on or emphasize in their review? (hint: do notsummarize the dance, but tell me how the author described it in their own words and how theirperspective influenced this description)?What is their intention for writing the review? What effect might their writing have on the public’sperception of this dance??What is the role of the dance critic? Why is this type of writing about dance important? What effectsmight these types of reviews have on the dance world in the long run?

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