wells ch 4 summary questions
April 4, 2021
population trends and retail planing
April 4, 2021

While watching the video, answer the below questions.

I do not require long answers. Some of the questions are prepared to see whether you’ve actually watched the video. Write as much as you can. How did Amazon gain market share so fast in the book business?  What is the “Gazelle program”? What’s Amazon’s argument about this tactic? What’s the publishers’ argument about this tactic? What are the concerns related to the Amazon warehouse/fulfillment center?  Is there any problem with the customer-first policy? What are the concerns related to the Amazon Delivery system?  What are the concerns related to the Third-party seller?  Do you think Amazon is a monopoly? Do you think the Anti-trust law should apply to Amazon? What are the concerns related to Amazon’s artificial intelligence system? What do you think about their stakeholder management? Do you think they are managing their stakeholders well?  Do you think we are choosing convenience over many important values such as health, safety, fair competition, and privacy?

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