Answer The Questions Please Chapter 10 Page Number 372 To 422
April 28, 2021
April 28, 2021

a) Lawrence, A., (2008) Chapter 3 Periodization of the professional regulation of child abuse and child     sexual abuse, in Principles of Child Protection: Management and Practice, Open University Press, New Yorkb) Fernandez E, (2014), Child Protection and Vulnerable Families: Trends and Issues in the Australian Context’, Social Sciences, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 785 – 808, Colton, M., Sanders, R., & Williams, M. (2001) Chapter 2. Child Development Theory. in An Introduction     to Working with Children. A Guide for Social Workers. Palgrave, New Yorkb) Doyle, C. and Timms, C., (2014), Chapter 4 Child development: psychosocial factors, in Child neglect and Emotional Abuse: Understanding, Assessment and Response, Sage Publications Inc., LondonORa) Corby, B., (2006), Chapter 11, Current issues in child protection work, pp239-255 in Child Abuse:      Towards a Knowledge Base, 3rd (edn), Open University Press, Maidenheadb) Corby, B., Shemmings, D., and Wilkins, D., (2006), Chapter 4 Defining Child Abuse pp- 83-101, in Child Abuse: An evidence base for confident practice, 4th (edn) Open University Press, MaidenheadORa) Korbin, J.E.  (1994) Chapter 5. Sociocultural Factors in Child Maltreatment.  in GB Melton & FD Barry (Eds) Protecting Children from Abuse and Neglect.  Foundations for a New National Strategy.  The Guilford Press, New York.b) Burns, A., Burns, K., and Menzies, K., (2004) Chapter 9 Strong State Intervention: The Stolen Generations, pp. 190-209 in Jennifer M. Bowes (ed) Children, Families and Communities: Contexts and Consequences, 2 (edn), Sage Publications Inc. LondonORa) Berliner, L., (2000) Chapter 5. What is Sexual Abuse? pp. 18-22 in Howard Dubowitz & Diane DePanfilis (eds) Handbook for Child Protection Practice, Sage Publications Inc. Londonb) Crosson-Tower, C., (2015) Chapter 2 The Dynamics of Child Sexual Abuse in Confronting Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse, Sage Publications Inc., Los AngelesORa)  Dubowitz. H., (2000) Chapter 3. What is Child Neglect? pp. 10-14 in Howard Dubowitz & Diane DePanfilis (eds) Handbook for Child Protection Practice, Sage Publications Inc. Londonb) Davies, L., Duckett, N., (2016) Chapter 4, Neglect, pp130-169, in Proactive Child Protection and Social Work, 2nd (edn), Sage Publications Inc., London Develop a succinct summary of the chosen 2 readings a & b (700 words) highlighting key concepts/                            theories/issues. Reflect on the implications of these concepts/theories for your practice in the field of family and child welfare (300 words, 3-4 reflections and implications for practice).Total length: 900 words Criteria:1.     Evidence of reading and research2.     Overall comprehension of themes/issues3.     Structuring of relevant content and adequacy of summary4.     Reflection and application of concepts to policy and practice5.     Critical evaluation of theories/issues6.     Clarity of expression and quality of writing7.     Organization/integration of material8.     Citing of sources, referencing and bibliography9.     Not exceeded the word limit by more than 200 words 

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