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April 4, 2021
Project 01 – My Perfect Tutors
April 4, 2021

•Identify two physical geographic features and two human geographic features from China that you think most interested in, and explain why? (16 points)

•Identify any two aspects from lecture today (Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan), that you think most interested in, and explain why? (12 points)

•Identify one Chinese traditional cultural characteristic based on what you have learned, then add your comments on by listing one advantage (or you mostly agree with) and one disadvantage (or you mostly don’t agree with) (12 points)

•If you had a chance to visit China, which destination would you like to see the most, and explain why? (10 points)

All homework assignment must be TYPED. You are required to finish your own work. If two papers have very similar (or same responses) to another one, both will lose points.


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