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January 13, 2021
What is your role as a health care team member?, paper help
January 13, 2021

Post a 150-word response to one of the following Discussion Prompts

  • Imagine you have credit-card debt with an interest rate of 18% and your student loan interest rate is 6%. Which debt would you make your priority to pay off? Why? What steps would you take to keep this debt as your priority for paying off?
  • How would you explain the importance of credit history and credit scores to a younger family member? What advice would you offer about how to build a positive credit history?
  • What goes into finding your credit score? If you have a low credit score, what strategies can you take to improve your score? What strategies can you take to maintain your credit score?
  • How do the costs and benefits of renting and buying a home compare? How do the costs and benefits of leasing and buying an automobile compare?
  • According to “Interactive Figure 6.1: Impact of Loan Term and Down Payment on Price of Car” in the Learning Path, what are your thoughts about how much you would like to spend on the down payment, and what type of loan term would you prefer? Would you rather put down more money up front and have a smaller monthly payment, or put down less and have a larger monthly payment? Would you rather have a longer loan term with a smaller monthly payment, or have a shorter loan term with a larger monthly payment? Why? Explain.


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