Practice Fusion

Q1 Practice Fusion is a cloud-based EMR system ( Create an account on Practice Fusion on their web site as an academic (student). It is freely available software. Create names of three doctors and three nurses for your practice, as well as 3-4 dummy patient names to implement the above processes. Screen capture the created items and include in your answer sheet. Evaluate/discuss the following components of Practice Fusion in the context of its use in a small physician practice setting.
• Setup
• Patient charting
• Scheduling
In particular, for each component address
a) Why is the component necessary and important to a small family practice?
b) What are the major business processes supported by the functionality?
c) What are the advantages and disadvantages for having the functionality in the cloud as opposed to a non-cloud based EMR solution?

Q2. Go through the functionalities of the Practice Fusion in their website. Based on your observations of different functionalities, assess what are some of the key capabilities of a robust EMR/EHR system in general (the question is care setting independent unlike question 1)

Q3. What is Practice Fusion’s business model?

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