What was the most important thing you learned from the clip?
July 11, 2019
How scientists learn about past global temperatures and climates.
July 11, 2019


Check below for topic on pictures

100 points

The following are guidelines in how you need to think about writing your final paper. You are to

present a paper that discusses the social issue you decided to write about and give a historical

analysis of why it become a problem, what the problem is currently and what you think needs to




Problem Description: Introduce the problem and sub-problems (if relevant). Analyze the problem

by potentially discussing the history or background, the effects or consequences of the problem,

values, beliefs and norms that are considered and what stands are taken. Address both sides. Do

not take this from the book. This is based on research. You must use 3 scholarly articles and cite

them in a separate reference list at the bottom of your paper. YOU MUST USE ASA – you can

find format help online.

Causes of the Problem: What sociological assumptions fit this problem? What social factors are

involved? What deviance patterns are blamed?

Solutions to the problem: What stage of protest is the problem in? What solutions are proposed

by whom (individuals, groups, ideologies, perspectives)? Which causes are addressed and why?

Which are not? What solutions have been tried? Have they worked? Use research support. What

additional problems do the solutions raise, if any?

Summarize and take a personal position: What conclusion can you draw about the problem?

What position do you take and why? What do you think is the best solution? Your position needs

to be stated and supported throughout the paper. Do not turn in a paper that states your position

in one single paragraph.


4-5 pages

Minimum of 3 citations – Other sources should be news reports or from government websites

 Wikipedia, non-verifiable sources are not allowed.

 Think critically about who is writing if you use online sources. Is the website one where

anyone can contribute. Does the writer have experience in this field? Are they logically

laying out an argument?

 Think about the arguments they are making. Someone writing an article without

referencing research is not supporting their own arguments

Double Space

Times New Roman – 12 point font

No Cover page

Reference Page

 Use ASA – citations must be formatted properly on your reference page.

 Do not just include links to website or the link to the online article.

 Utilize websites like bibme.org to organize and correctly format your citations

Top left corner – just your name – Nothing else.

Tips for writing your paper

Write an outline – Having an outline can help you think about the flow of your paper.

Intro paragraph

 Intro sentence

 Thesis statement

 Summary of the topics you will cover

Think about how you are structuring paragraphs

 Do you have a topic sentence?

 Are you summarizing what you just wrote about?

 Does the order of your paragraphs make sense?

In text citations

Types of citations

 Paraphrasing – Writing in your own words what the information you want to cite says.

 Quoting – Less than 3 lines of text

 Block quote – More than three lines, indented. I would suggest you avoid this. If you use

a block quote, it better be useful.

Papers are due in blackboard on July 20 th by 5pm using safe assign. If you plagiarize, you

will get an automatic zero.

10% will be deducted if they aren’t turned in by the due day and each additional day after.

I will not accept papers after July 24 th .


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