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December 6, 2020
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December 6, 2020

Professional Learning Community (PLC) Planning Committee AgendaBackgroundProfessional Learning Communities emerged as a tool for both teachers and administrators to review student-based data and to form policymaking decisions based on a consensus approach that can improve student academic success. The concept involves grouping teachers/administrators by their grade level in K-6 of subject specific specializations for middle schools and high schools. Teams of teachers meet on a weekly basis to discuss current teaching/learning needs, review data, examine their focus students, and determine the appropriate pedagogy/programming for enhancing the student’s academic achievement.
ScenarioIt’s October in your first year as a school administrator in a K-12 environment or in higher education. Assume that you have not yet led a Professional Learning Community (PLC) planning committee meeting at your school or school district. The assignment involves creating an agenda for the PLC meeting in order to form a foundation about the essential components and the practical applications that impact teaching and learning environments and a supporting one page infographic. Include the items you think should be covered in a one-hour meeting. You can use your current school or school district as the location for your committee meeting or include a future site.
Step 1: Conduct research on Professional Learning CommunitiesAs you conduct your research, consider the following: Examine four or more scholarly peer-reviewed articles on Professional Learning Communities. Determine the essential elements for a PLC. Also, examine the background and rationales for forming PLCs. Consider information on the purpose, rationale, and applications for using PLCs in connection towards improving teaching and learning environments.
Step 2: Create a one page agenda for the PLC Meeting using MS Word. Include the following content in your PLC Meeting Agenda:

Five main topics about the PLCs
Two sub-topics about the PLCs
Provide a two sentence or longer description of each topic and sub-topic

In addition, form at least a one page supporting document, including an infographic that presents an overview of the purpose, usage, and application of PLCs as background material for your educators. Use the four reliable peer-reviewed articles from Step 1 in the creation of your supporting document using proper APA formatting. Go beyond just listing bullet points. Be creative in your design and layout of the handout. Create a final product that provides an inspirational and visually-enticing document to inspire the usage of PLCs.
Here are some Web 2.0 tools that you may wish to use for an Infographic:

Be sure to APA cite your images in your document.

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