Emergency Department of a major Brisbane hospital
April 22, 2018
Part IV: Nursing Diagnosis and Plan of Care
April 22, 2018

It is important to promote the professional role of the nurse to provide health promotion and disease preventive care. Collaborating with other health care professionals and consumer groups in the community in redesigning health care can help meet the goals for Healthy People 2020
Refer to https://www.healthypeople.gov/ to open the Healthy People 2020 home page.
Develop a PowerPoint presentation (15-20 slides) with accompanying speaker’s notes and citations on STROKE and HEART DISEASE.
IIn the presentation, address the following:
1. State the objective of the presentation.
2. State the Healthy People 2020 focus area your group has selected and the rationale for selection of the specific focus area.
3. Explain how the focus area relates to the individual, the family, and the community, as well as to all age groups throughout the life span.
4. Identify ways to enhance or optimize health in the selected focus area using evidence-based research. A minimum of three peer-reviewed articles must be utilized.
5. Address the health disparity among different segments of the population for the selected focus area.
6. Provide a brief description of at least two community resources and at least two website resources for professionals and clients.


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