Demonstrates strong and succinct expansion of main points of poster abstract within presentation
May 8, 2018
In school settings, faculty and staff are charged with protecting students, but how can they protect those students who choose to harm themselves?
May 8, 2018

After viewing the program in its entirety, students are to write an essay of a minimum of one thousand (1,000) words in length addressing the two sections described below. Points will be deducted if this length requirement is not met. To earn the maximum points (100) for this writing assignment, both of these sections must be completed fully:

section 1: Program Summary (50 points)
In this section the student should provide, in their own words, a reasonably detailed summary of the salient information presented in the program.
Section 2: Analysis and Personal Reaction (50 points)
In this section the student should provide their analysis of the significance and relevance of the information in the program to the scientific data presented in the textbook and their personal reaction to this information. Students should endeavor to identify concepts and information in the documentary that relates to information presented in the textbook.


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