write a comparison/contrast essay exploring the similarities and differences of your claim about Phoenix Jackson and Saunder's claim about Phoenix James.
January 14, 2021
Describe a time when an unsafe element of the workplace which you were responsible for was identified.
January 14, 2021

Provide an overview of the Industrial/Organizational subfield of Psychology. Discuss specific work tasks that an I/O professional may be involved in. Based on the psychological theories that have been explored in this course, choose one theory and demonstrate how that theory may be applied in the workplace by an I/O professional.(The theory I’ve chose is cognative theory)
After reading the two articles and gaining an understanding of the Industrial/Organizational subfield, go to the Library and chose a peer-reviewed article related to the I/O field. Read, reflect and evaluate the article. Provide an overview of the article in your discussion response. Share a hypothetical situation in a workplace setting where the information from the article would be supported.>>>>>(review attachment below for this part of discussion


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