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November 26, 2020
answer all 5 not too much detail but answer each promptly
November 26, 2020

Answer each question with 200 words.

1.What are some ways in which parents’ authority over the care of their children is limited by law in the U.S.? Do you agree with these limitations? Why or why not.

2.Clinical Infectious Diseases:

Choose an article that is peer-reviewed and a primary article (not secondary – see attached). Identify the study type as descriptive: cross-sectional, ecological, case series; analytic: prospective cohort or retrospective cohort; or experimental: prevention or treatment clinical trial. NOTE: To receive credit for your post, the article must be a primary study that uses one of the given study designs. Failure to choose an appropriate article will results in a zero for the assignment. Also, you must do more than read the abstract, you must read the entire article.

a. State the type of study that was conducted (see methods section of article, it must be one of the above study types).

b. What is the research question?

c. What was known or unknown before the study was conducted (see introduction of article)?

d. What was the purpose of the study (should be at end of introduction)?

e. What was the outcome and was it consistent with the researcher(s)’ original research question (see results and conclusions)?

f. What recommendation(s) did the researcher offer for future studies (see conclusions)?

g. Do you feel the findings and research design are real and valid? Why or why not? Please review the lesson for this week and your text book readings to understand what is meant by valid.

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