Week 03- Delta Pacific Case Study : Rough Draft
February 22, 2021
Applying Strategic Communication Tactics
February 22, 2021

Based on the qualitative study you researched for the library search assigned in your studies for this unit, address the following:
Describe the characteristics of the research that provide evidence that either an ethnographic or case study approach was used.Identify the key phenomena under investigation.Describe the data collection process, including the role of the researcher.Describe the qualitative approach to analyzing the data in this study.Evaluate the scientific merit of the selected approach. How did the approach used, either ethnographic or case study, help the researcher answer the research question? How might you have designed this study differently?List the persistent link for the article. Use the Persistent Links and DOIs library guide, linked in the Resources, to learn how to locate this information in the library databases.Cite all sources in APA style and provide an APA-formatted reference list at the end of your post.
Book:Leedy, P. D., & Ormrod, J. E. (2019). Practical research: Planning and design (12th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.
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