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February 22, 2021
Business intelligence, knowledge management, and expert systems
February 22, 2021

Search to find five scholarly qualitative primary research articles that pertain to the PICOT question that you developed in the assignment for Module 1.  Each article must be a primary, qualitative research study.  The articles should all have been written within the last five years.  HINT: When you are searching the database, you can narrow your search by using the search term “qualitative research” in the Subject Terms field.

2. Using the Qualitative Research Summary enter the information from each article.

Do not leave blanks in the cells. For example, if there is not a theoretical framework used in the study, state that there wasn’t one used.
If you use abbreviations, please provide the definition/explanation of what the abbreviation means.
For each article, you will respond to the guided questions, as delineated below:

Are the results of the study valid? Support your answer.
How were the participants chosen?  What was the sampling strategy?
How believable are the results?
What were the results and what are the implications of the results?
What was the research methodology used?
How was the data collected? Were the data collection procedures clear?
How will the results help in improving patient outcomes?
Can the findings be implemented in other health care institutions?

3. At the conclusion of the document, add a Reference page.  Include each of the references from the 5 articles. Use APA format.
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