Assignment Week 3.4
April 4, 2021
Sustainable Businesses assignment help
April 4, 2021

Read about the use of some kind of quality tools by an organization ( I already chose the attached article, if you want, you can choose another article, but please send it to me before start writing ). Do a short write-up on what you can learn from how the organization uses the tool. (2 pages max)
Follow this structure:
1-  Introduce the quality tool
2-  About the business : (nature of business and why quality is important
3-  Objective(s) of using the tool  
• What are they trying to achieve, improve or prevent?
• How did they make the tool work for them?
• What can be done to further improve the problem/issues the business is facing by using the tool?
4-  Conclusion  : With all the information that you have now, how do you make sense of the use of this quality tool?
5-  Appendix: Attach the article you have read with your report.

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