Read Acts 1:18 (opens in new window) Have you ever had a quot;gut feelingquot; about a situation?

  • Read Acts 1:18 (opens in new window)

Have you ever had a “gut feeling” about a situation? In medicine, the viscera of the abdominopelvic cavity (which is largely digestive organs), is referred to as splanchnic, and the study of the development of our viscera along with the cavity is called splanchnology. 

In Acts 1:18, splanchnic is used to describe Judas’ intestines spilling out when his body split open: He was riddled with guilt and regret from his infamous act of betrayal. The expression, “spill your guts” is used when a person needs to confess something that is deeply troubling them. However, splanchnic is used in other scriptures to describe mercies, rejoicing, and compassion.


  • Discuss the correlation between how the various digestive organs carry out specific functions that achieve one main goal, digestion, and the biblical use of the word to describe various “gut feelings”. How do these ideas relate?
  •  Are there other biblical passages that you can find, which mention the digestive system or anything splanchnic?

Please provide the sources used and please give them in A. P. A. format.

If you do not provide sources please do not answer the question, Must have sources and in proper format. Sources do not have to be books can be online. just in the right format.

Please and thank you.

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