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Competencies I was able to develop in    researching and writing the course comprehensive project have been    evolved research skills, understanding of prioritizing in time    management, ability to communicate effectively, ability to apply    critical thinking skills in HR, solving work related issues such as    project coordination, prioritization, and cohesion. Additional    competencies include abilities to analyze and describe the legal    environment of human resources and the implications and impact of    law in implementing HR strategy specifically in recruiting and    hiring processes, also ability to describe and understand the role    of HR in creating and maintaining a diverse workforce that reflects    the community in which it operates, even if that community be global.

I was able to leverage the    competencies in writing, and understanding material researched while    working on the comprehensive project along with threading the    knowledge imparted through feedback received from the discussion    board conversations into each project. Sometimes during research, I    found myself full of facts about a company’s behavior but    searching for how to relay the information uncovered in a    deliverable manner that shows understanding of impact and    predictability. The entire course has been a focused lesson in    tenacity and good judgement, abilities that must be effectively    practiced in any HR environment.

The knowledge imparted through this    course has provided a functioning understanding of various facets of    HR practices and applications formerly understood at rudimentary    levels. In the past I have studied HR practices from a fact-finding    perspective rather than an in-depth case examination of HR    activities as implemented by investigating a singular real-world    organization. Examining an organization in this way has made the HR    concepts considered come into clear view with the applications made plain.


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