Identify best practices and determine which could be implemented to improve the workforce for a specific health care service, facility, or other health sector-related occupation.
December 17, 2020
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December 17, 2020

This is the document you must read 

Choose one Narration/Reflection essay written by a student. Anonymous, then Write a 3 page essay analyzing and responding to this essay.  Your analysis should focus on the purpose and audience of the essay, as well as on the choices the writer has made concerning structure and style. Your response should focus on your perspectiveon the topic, how it is similar to or different from the writer’s and how it shapes your appreciation of the essay.
Before you write your paper, you should be able to answer the following questions, using examples from the essay to illustrate your answers.
What experience has the writer chosen to write about and why?
When did the experience occur? What was the writer’s life like before the experience?
What were the short term effects of the experience?
What were the long term effects?
How much time does the narrative cover?  Which parts are summarized? 
Is the narrative presented chronologically?  If not, where does the writer begin the story, and how is the essay structured?
Which parts of the narrative are presented in dramatic scenes?
What is the tone of the essay?
Who is the intended audience? 
 What is universal about this writer’s experience?  (i.e. What can all readers learn from the essay?)
Why did you choose to write on this essay?
How is your perspective similar to and/or different from the writer’s?
Do you consider yourself part of the intended audience?
What do you admire most about the essay?
5. How does this essay help you understand and prepare for Essay 1?


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