please answer each of the essay below 4 pages
June 3, 2021
hs follow the instruction to write 5pages research paper
June 3, 2021

Topic: retail managment
Order Description
From the article that I will provide the fallowing sections must be answered in order. I will also provide the peer reviewed journals for the literature review portion of the paper
The main article is = effect of retail store image attractiveness and self-evaluated job performance on employee retention by Jennifer yuchisin and jihye park from journal and business and psychology pg.441-450
The 7 articles for the literature review
1.abstract of the article -an overview of the social problem of interest
2.statment of problem -the statement of the essential question of the study
3. literature review- a review of the literature that will be provided.
The literature review must answer the main debates in the field concerning the topic
What hypotheses might establish literature suggest for the particular research question
What are the most important findings about my topic
4.theory -a theory that you have chosen and the explanation of the social problem using said theory
5. hypotheses -four core questions you can answer after reading the literature
6.findings -a listing of the answers to the four hypotheses
7.discussion -discuss the implications and ramifications of the findings using the theory discussed in the theory section
8. conclusion -summary of the implications for the field


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