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December 14, 2020
Identify the gaps and develop a research question for these five articles?
December 14, 2020

  1. What happened to the slaves who thought they were gaining freedom by joining the British cause? (pgs. 122-128)
  2. What happened to many of the freed slaves who ended up in Canada? (pgs. 128-130)
  3. What happened to the slaves who thought they were going to gain their freedom by fighting for the Patriot cause? (pgs. 130-131)
  4. As the war progressed what became the views toward slavery of the Northern states vs the Southern states? (pgs. 131-134)
  5. Describe some of the exploits carried out by female spies during the revolution. (pgs. 135-140)
  6. What was the story of Ann Bates? (pgs. 141-142)
  7. What was the story of Mammy Kate? (pg. 142)
  8. What happened too many of the women who risked their lives for the cause after the war was over? (pgs. 143-146)
  9. Why did many people call for more education for women in order to help change their status? (pg. 153)
  10. What was the argument against educating women in a more formal way? (pg. 153)
  11. Why was it necessary for the future of the Republic to have educated women? (pg. 154)
  12. What were women like Abigail Adams pressing for in their letters and talks with their husbands? (it’s not the right to vote) (pgs. 157-158)
  13. What was a key argument in the decision to take away the right to vote for women in New Jersey? (pgs. 159-160)
  14. Why did many women not want to become more political during this time period? (pgs. 160-161)

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