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April 3, 2021
Prepare a critical reflection on their scope of practice as a nursing student .
April 3, 2021


  • Write a program (python or java or c/c++) that solves 3-coloring using the MiniSat solver
    • Input: a graph to be 3-colored
    • Output: corresponding boolean formula (as explained in previous video)that can be fed into MiniSAT
    • Input FormatIn the input files, the graphs are represented with adjacency lists:Each row represents the list for a node: first row for node a, second row for node b etc….Example:b c
      a c d
      a b
      brepresents a graph where:1) Node a is connected to nodes b and c
      2) Node b is connected to nodes a, c, and d
      3) Node c is connected to nodes a and b
      4) Node d is connected to nodes b


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