How has the organization/agency affected facilities where you are practicing and your own professional practice?
October 27, 2018
]The need for cultural competence is being increasingly recognized by health-care providers and health-related organizations in the United States and globally
October 27, 2018

Coursework Writing-science and research
Please select any nursing research article from any one of the scientific journals found in the Nursing-Related Databases and Journals list. Select an article from an area that you are interested in or from the field you are working in. Using the article selected, construct a critique of the article, 6 to 10 pages (including cover page and references).
The critique should

identify the problem statement or statement of purpose of the article
describe the participants being studied, stating inclusion and exclusion criteria
discuss the sampling issues, such as probability or nonprobability and number of subjects used
identify the study setting—where data collection occurred
discuss informed consent—whether the participants were fully informed, how their consent was obtained, and any other ethical considerations
identify the hypothesis or research question
identify the research design—for example, experimental or nonexperimental; descriptive, exploratory, explanatory, or predictive?
identify research variables, both independent and dependent
comment the on article’s literature review—how the study data were analyzed (what statistical measures were used)
describe the results of the study and appropriateness of the methods used; include study limitations
accurately critique comments on level of evidence used, nursing theory, and implications for nursing practice or research
discuss how the research findings can be applied to the clinical area
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